Impact in Our Community and Across the Globe

At Carson, giving back is part of our core.

Part of helping advisors, clients and stakeholder find their freedom is empowering them to live out their personal missions to positively impact the world.

Impact Starts at the Top

Ron and Jeanie Carson have a long tradition of maximizing their impact in the community and around the world. They give all of the profits from their Carson ownership to address world hunger, provide access to clean water, and educate young people in developing nations.

Celebrating Carson Partner Impact

Twice a year at Partner Summit, Carson Group gives the Partner Impact Award to three Partners who have done exemplary community service work over the last year. Every year, we’re so excited to see how each of our partners give back.

Past winners


Carson Partner Impact Award winner: Gertsema Wealth Advisors


Carson Partner Impact Award winner: Equanimity Wealth Advisors


Carson Partner Impact Award winner: Valorem Financial

Changing the industry for the better

FinServ Foundation

FinServ Foundation

Carson’s nonprofit partner is committed to empowering the next generation of financial professionals. FinServ Foundation provides coaching, mentorship and internship opportunities for students from 15+ financial planning programs all over the country. Carson is the establishing partner of this foundation, which is now led by Jamie Hopkins, Managing Partner of Carson Wealth, Aaron Schaben, President, and Kelsey Ruwe, Chief of Staff.

Rock the Street Wall Street

Rock the Street Wall Street is an organization committed to bringing more women into the financial services industry by cultivating an interest in finance at the high-school level, before girls choose their majors. Beyond just donating to the organization, many of Carson’s female executives regularly teach on financial services careers at local high schools. This effort is spearheaded by Senior Vice President, Financial Planning & Advanced Solutions Erin Wood.


State of Women in Wealth Management

Starting in 2022, Carson commissioned a study of the experiences of female financial advisors, firm owners and operations teams to better understand the barriers that contribute the underrepresentation of women in the field. The goal is to track changes in these experiences over time, as well as to form problem-solving communities to implement solutions at Carson and beyond.

Individually, we believe in the ability to drive local change. Collectively, we believe we have the power to transform our industry and the rest of the world.
Erin Wood

Erin Wood

Senior Vice President, Financial Planning & Advanced Solutions

Ron & Jeanie Carson’s Changemaking Work

Dreamweaver Foundation

The Carsons’ foundation that grants wishes to terminally ill seniors. To date, the foundation has made nearly 400 dreams come true!


At the 2021 Excell Conference, Ron Carson pledged a $400,000 match to Charity: Water to help address the lack of clean drinking water for 771 million people globally.


Ron Carson’s commitment to environmental impact has positively impacted marine wildlife by helping preserve global coral reefs.

Joy comes in the service of others. In really looking at our communities and looking at how we can have an impact. Givers gain. For Jeanie and I, it’s added such a richness to our lives.
Ron Carson

Ron Carson

Founder and CEO

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