Bridget Grimes: Mentorship, Community & Empowering Women in Finance

Bridget Grimes, CFP®

Welcome back to another episode of Framework! This week, our focus is on empowering women in the financial industry with mentorship and community.

Ana Trujillo Limón, Director, Coaching and Advisor Content, and Odaro Aisueni, Wealth Planner, speak with Bridget Grimes, Co-Founder of Equita Financial Network, about her career journey in launching her practice, Wealth Choice. Bridget shares her experiences in helping women with financial planning and investment management, and her initiatives to empower women in the financial industry through her other company, Equita Financial Network. Bridget also talks about the importance of community and mentorship and the challenges she faced in her career.

Bridget discusses:

  • How her first money memory from New Jersey and first big purchase from middle school made her understand the value of money
  • Her journey into the financial planning profession
  • How she became involved with FPA
  • How she utilized her experiences in the food industry to create Equita Financial Network
  • Why she decided to bring her daughter into her firm after originally running it solo
  • The need for work-life balance and support for women in the financial planning industry
  • Why mentorship and a sense of community is essential in the industry
  • Why women in the industry should take the initiative to mentor new advisors
  • Overcoming the hurdles she faced when starting her own business
  • The importance of sticking to your niche clientele
  • And more


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About our Guest: 

When women are at a crossroads and challenged to make tough decisions, they need a community of support. Bridget Grimes became a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ (CFP®), fiduciary advisor, educator, and speaker to make a difference in this regard.

Over the course of several decades in finance and corporate America, and having personally experienced the barriers women in business face, she found her passion to help women succeed in life and in their careers.

In 2016, she founded WealthChoice, a fee-only (commission-free) financial planning firm focused on helping women executives and their families live life on their terms. Launching WealthChoice was the culmination of years of working with career women and helping them overcome challenges to financial security.

Grimes also launched the WealthChoice Community, an organization that hosts guest speakers throughout the year who cover critical career, business, and quality of life topics. The WealthChoice Community also provides the valuable benefit of assembling like-minded women for networking purposes, to provide support for one another, and have meaningful conversations.


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